Oz Noy Honors Monk

One commenter on this video laments Oz Noy’s use of effects for this tune as self-indulgent.  What they apparently fail to understand is that by pushing the sounds into the future, Oz is honoring another pioneer. Thelonious Monk was often misunderstood during his lifetime by people who wanted to keep hearing the basic swing of an Oscar Peterson or an Earl Hines. Many performers of Monk tunes over the years miss the spirit of his quirky style and merely play standard bebop and blues licks over the changes (Bill Frisell being a notable exception). Oz’s work here displays a mastery of modern effects, as well as blazing chops.


4 thoughts on “Oz Noy Honors Monk

  1. Good grief, there’s a major league difference between “self indulgence” and a forward thinking approach bringing fresh new ideas to the table to supercharge a classic by Monk, which is what Oz Noy does here! His playing is transcending and vital.

    Was John Martyn being “self indulgent” utilizing an echoplex on Outside In, circa 1973? Nope, he was using the tools of the day to push the envelope forward. That’s where the readers of Guitar Moderne want to live, 50 years into the future, from players like John Martyn to Oz and all the influential players in between and beyond!

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