Review: Source Audio Vertigo Tremolo

With its new One Series effects, Source Audio has created a line of products that should be equally appealing to conservative and progressive guitarists alike. With its rectangular housing and 4.5 in. long x 2.75 in. wide x 2 in. high (including knobs) size it their most traditional looking and pedalboard friendly unit yet. Combine this familiar package with classic effects (Tremolo, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser—and soon, Overdrive and Fuzz) sporting a quartet of recognizable control knobs, and you have a stompbox series that should make even the most hidebound picker comfortable.


But, in the Source Audio tradition, underneath the hood of each pedal lurks a high degree of tweakability for creating a wealth of typical and atypical effects, as well as a luxurious level of parameter control—both of which will delight the modern player. Here we look at the Vertigo Tremolo pedal.

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