Spotlight: Brandon Ross

I first saw Brandon Ross with Cassandra Wilson back in the Nineties. His application of a jazz sensibility to Wilson’s Sarah Vaughn meets Joni Mitchell stylings was revelatory. I later learned about the amazing Harriet Tubman, his band with drummer J.T. Lewis and bassist Melvin Gibbs, but am sorry to say it was at a time when I was not ready for them. Delving into Ross’ work for this interview, I discovered that he embodies everything Guitar Moderne is about: personal style, adventurous playing, disregard for genre, and experiments with electronics. Our conversation ranged wide and very long. I tried to include the best bits here.

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Cool Gear Alert: Vauxflores

Thanks to my comperes at Guitar player magazine, here is a new boutique company obviously in tune with the Guitar Moderne aesthetic. The video only scratches the surface of the edgy sounds available from Vauxflores’ pedals. Check out their website and the soundclips from the 23. Hope to get one of those for a full review.