Tuning the Guitar

Paul Guy, a guitar repairman in Sweden has issued a wonderful treatise on tuning the instrument. I have written about this myself, but I learned a couple of new things from this. I imagine you will too. If you want to skip the theory, go straight to Intonation. One thing he doesn’t address, that I have experienced, is some guitars just “sound” more in tune than others. My theory is that the vibration of some guitars, as it is transferred to the strings, contains more “harmonious” overtones than other guitars. Has anyone else had this experience?

Tuning the guitar by Paul Guy

Tuning has always been a bugbear for guitarists. Every guitar player – and every guitar builder and repairer – is familiar with the problem. No matter how good the instrument, and how well tuned and adjusted, it never sounds perfectly in tune in all positions and keys.


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