The Knowledge: About Overdrive

The Knowledge is the training course that every cab driver in London town needs to complete before getting their license. It involves learning the 25,000 streets of that major capital.

This will be where I share knowledge I have, or find on the Web, that every modern guitarist needs to navigate the world of guitar playing and tone.

For the first one, I want to introduce The Pedal Show, a great series from Mick Taylor, former writer and editor of British guitar mags, and Daniel Steinhardt from GigRig, who makes great switching systems and consults to the stars about all things tone.

In this episode they discuss overdrive, fuzz, and reveal how discussions of “the best” anything are exercises in futility due to the variables in gear combinations.


Radiohead Rig

The folks at the Gig Rig posted this amazing video of how they put together Radiohead guitarist, Ed Obrien’s pedalboard, a Pedaltrain Grande with their G2 switching system, Loopy2 routing box, powered by their Generator and Isolator power system. Almost everything here is available off the shelf—nothing is custom made. The pedals include a Fulltone Clyde wah pedal, a Digitech Whammy controlled by a Molten Voltage MIDI 2 pedal, a Molten Voltage OZ Looper controller (no doubt controlling the Strymon Timeline, a Klon and Hot Cakes overdrives, a vintage CSL Super Fuzz (a/k/a Sola Sound), an Eventide H9, a Diamond Tremolo, a Dinosaural compressor, an MXR Flanger, a volume pedal and an Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man.

Check it out.