Cool Gear Alert: Source Audio Ventris Dual Reverb

Full disclosure: I am the Nashville Source Audio Rep. But I am not posting this because I am the Nashville Source Audio Rep. I am the Nashville Source Audio Rep because ever since they introduced the Hot Hand over a decade ago, Source Audio has been among the most forward-thinking effects companies on the planet. Hell, this thing is so new and already selling so fast that I don’t even have one. I have checked it out a NAMM shows and can’t wait to get my hands on it. If reverb plays a major part in your music, you need a Ventris.  And if it doesn’t, get one and it may start.


Post-Production Effects Live With Source Audio and Ableton

Bassist Jayme Lewis shows how to easily program Ableton MIDI clip control of Source Audio effects through direct USB connection. The possible applications for guitar are equally, if not more, mind-bending. Of course, creating these effects is possible with any MIDI controllable pedal, assuming you set up a full MIDI pedalboard. I believe the point here is you can control a single Source Audio pedal directly without a full MIDI system or even the Source Audio Hub.



Glitch Guitar

This video is to accompany my Electronic Musician column “Electronic Guitar.” The July column is on Glitch Guitar and the video features the Red Panda Particle, the Electro-Harmonix Canyon, and Ableton Live’s Beat Repeat plug-in. The issue is on the stands now and the article should be available online next month.


Guitar Moderne NAMM 2017 Report

This year’s winter NAMM was INSANE! Thursday was as crowded as a typical Saturday and it escalated from there. The noise floor was non-stop jet-engine level. I came home with ears ringing and NAMMthrax. Was it worth it? You bet. Three full days was barely enough to cover all the cool stuff. It opened with a terrific concert band doing a modern composition that incorporated either recorded or live recitations from young people (I couldn’t see from my vantage point) about the difficulties of growing up. This boded well for a forward-thinking show and, in fact, there were ample examples of manufacturers leaving the traditional behind to explore new territory.

Other than the upward trajectory of the business evidenced by the crowd, the only trend I noticed was the invasion of the pedal market by Greece and Brazil. As usual, NAMM often stands for “Not Available, Maybe May,” so stay tuned to the manufactures’ sites and for updates, and, if you would like to hear me talk about this year’s winter NAMM, check out Matt Wakeling’s Guitar Speak podcast featuring yours truly.

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Nick Reinhart Meets Source Audio Nemesis

Two of my faves, Nick Reinhart on guitar and Source Audio’s Nemesis pedal on effects. Reinhart shows how the modern experimental guitarist can skip all the great traditional delay sounds produced by this pedal and go straight to the weirder more experimental sounds. In the spirit of Halloween, check out Reinhart’s release Scary Sounds from last year at this time.