News: Devi Ever FX Silver Rose Is Back

The latest news from the holy alliance of Devi Ever FX and Dwarfcraft is the return of the Silver Rose, a dual fuzz pedal that covered tremendous sonic territory. Improvements include swapping out the IC Muff clone for a streamlined version of the Dwarfcraft Devices Eau Claire Thunder. The Super Fuzz’s original circuit creates a wide variety of “old school” tones, from raspy classic rock to grinding, mid scooped doom fuzz. The Eau Claire Thunder picks up the other end of the fuzz spectrum, warm and wooly, but with aggressive distortion on tap as well. The redesigned EQ offers +/- 10db of treble and bass. A clean sound can be blended in with a dedicated volume control. An auxiliary clean output always sends a clean signal out for advanced routing or signal splitting. The first 50 Silver Rose pedals ($350 retail) are available in a white enclosure exclusively from Chicago Music Exchange starting in May. The black version will be available everywhere August 1, 2015. Check out Ben Hinz’s typically anarchic and enjoyable demo. Hinz never lets the hijinx get in the way of explaining the features and making the pedal sound great.