Awesome Loops

Samuel Hällkvist demos some of his cool, odd time loops.

Three voices: 6×7/8 ~ 14/4 ~ 7×6/8
using Eventide plate algorithm, Pigtronix Infinity Looper, some backwards delay and fuzz at the end.

A rhythmic figure based on two bars of 9/4 in loop A. in loop B there’s 12 dotted quarter notes, which makes the same length as A. some fuzz, Hexe Revolver, hall algorithm from Eventide and Pigtronix Infinity looper .


Spotlight: Samuel Hällkvist

One of the joys of producing Guitar Moderne is discovering guitarists who embody the elements of music I find personally attractive: great tones, a sense of melody, and an adventurous spirit. Samuel Hällkvist covers these bases and more. Through a daunting number of solo and band projects he explores new sounds and King Crimson-like interlocking time signatures in music that ranges from aggressive, staggered rhythms to ethereal soundtracks and combinations of the two.

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