Spotlight: Daniele Camarda

I admit to a previous prejudice against solo bass efforts. My feeling had been: if you want to solo, play a solo instrument—something I had trouble considering the bass to truly be. A few bassists have begun to change my mind: Victor Wooten’s soulful and musical live performances; Steve Lawson’s awesome looping work, and now Sicilian six-string bassist Daniele Camarda’s unique approach.

Camarda employs the astounding technique and great tone that allowed him to hang with jazz luminaries like Avishai Cohen, Chris Cheek, and Daniel Zamir, in the service of a modern style that includes echoes of world music, classical guitar, minimalism, electronica, and jazz. It is all there on his new solo outing Sound Act. I have included samples of two tunes from that record, as well as live videos. Camarda fears the live performances represent places from which he has moved on, whereas I felt strongly they would still be of great interest to Guitar Moderne readers. I am proud to present Daniele Camarda as Guitar Moderne’s first bass player spotlight.

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