Killick Plays Amid The Paintings

This is Killick Hinds at Trio Contemporary Art Gallery in Athens. He is using two amps for dimensionality. His Rick Toone fretless guitar sports an additional piezo. A Vibesware feedback inducer is at the end of the mic stand, which induces the feedback on the length of strings between the fretting hand and the nut. The Ebow is used on the “regular” part of the strings. He is also processing his electric signal with chorus, octave, Ottobit Jr. effects, as well as using a few implements.


Spotlight: Killick Hinds

Whether performing acoustic dronefests with the latest Paul Vo technology, or jamming with his band Pocketful of Claptonite on his fretted, fretless, or micro-fretted Teuffel, Toone, or New Complexity Harmonic Isolator instruments, Killick Hinds defines the modern guitarist. The Athens, Georgia resident performs steadily locally and sporadically elsewhere in a variety of improvising situations. Here he articulately discusses the foundations and process of his art and the tools with which he creates it.

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