Joel Harrison and the Alternative Guitar Summit/Camp

Joel Harrison is a guitarist/composer who runs an Alternative Guitar Summit each year that offers concerts and clinics by many of the players featured in Guitar Moderne. We talk about many things including this years virtual Summit, his must have book of interviews, and the web radio show we cohost. Links below:


Guitar Moderne Top Records of 2017


There were many terrific records in 2017. In another year, Charlie Rauh’s Viriditas, Dan Phelps’ Arc, and Rights by Manuel Troller’s band Schnellertollermeier might have fit on my “Best of…” list. But this year saw so many releases by modern guitar superstars that I just have to recommend reserving some money to also pick up their worthy efforts.

This list is mine; feel free to list yours in the comment section.

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Introducing: Tohpati Ario

I hear you asking, “Guitar Moderne, where do you find all these amazing guitarists?” Well, an outsized proportion of them are found by meticulously poring over the DMG (Downtown Music Gallery) mailers. This great record store specializes in modern music, so when an unknown (to us) name is listed on guitar, we are off on a quick search of YouTube.

Recently, this search revealed an Indonesian guitarist whose blues tone, be-bop chops, and command of effects reminded us of the incredible Oz Noy. Here he is burning through some serious funk. He is also part of a band, Simak Dialog that is more Metheny-meets-Indonesian percussion.