Cool Pedal Alert: Neural DSP Quad Cortex Digital Effects and Amp Modeler

Mulit-effects/amp sim floor pedals are not new. What makes the Neural DSP Quad Cortex Quad-Core Digital Effects Modeler/Profiling Floorboard (say that three times fast) newsworthy is its incorporation of an iPad type touch screen and its capture technology. From Mitch Gallagher’s concise, comprehensive demo, the device seems well thought out and elegantly simple. Unfortunately there seems to be no info on the onboard effects, but the board does allow you to capture the sound of both amps and effects. From the Anderton’s video, the effect capture seems pretty impressive. What do you think?


Review: GTC Revpad Wireless and Multi FX Unit

There is a wonderful world of effects out there, but maximizing their usefulness often requires modifying parameters on the fly—think Whammy pedal, or runaway delay feedback. Unfortunately, modifying parameters, and even engaging or switching off effects, tethers you to the pedal in a way that can hamper your visual performance.

There have been solutions: In 2014, Livid came out with Guitar Wing, which I covered in Guitar Moderne. It allows control of MIDI effects parameters right from the face of the guitar, unchained from pedals and standard hardware controllers. Source Audio’s Hot Hand, covered here, also permits free-ranging parameter control, either through MIDI (using the Neuro Hub), or through an expression input on the pedal or switching device. The folks at GTC Sound Innovations have come up with yet another solution that debuted at NAMM a couple of years ago and I recently got to put it through its paces. First watch the GTC folks demo some classic effects.


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