Guitar Wing Takes Flight

Guitar Moderne’s NAMM 2013 report spotlighted Moldover’s Robo guitar, an instrument festooned with MIDI controller buttons and sliders. Designed with the builders at Visionary Instruments, the guitar is available for custom order to those that can afford it. For those that can’t, or would prefer to add its controller capabilities to their own instrument, its offshoot Guitar Wing, designed in conjunction  Livid Instruments,  seems just the thing. For a mere $199 you can attach a unit that will offer on/off and continuous wireless MIDI control of software and hardware, including by motion sensor.

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Support Moldover

I met Moldover at the Warper Party in NYC. Seeing him incorporate guitar into electronic music was one of the inspirations that led to this site. His guitar/controller project holds enormous potential for the future of modern guitar. Check this out and consider supporting him in all his endeavors.


NAMM 2013 for the Modern Guitarist

The 2013 Winter NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) show had the most palpable excitement of any NAMM in the last five years. Whether from the rising economy, or because with the death of record sales, musicians need more instruments to play live, who can say? The bottom line is: this show was alive with fantastic new technology, much of it of special interest to the modern guitarist. There was way more than I can cover alone, but these were the products I found most interesting. Read on for words, pix, and vids of this year’s extravaganza. Keep in mind that NAMM unofficially stands for Not Available Maybe March (or May), so check the company sites for shipping dates.

Oz Noy in the Seymour Duncan booth, with Steve Ferrone and Darryl Jones. Poor kid can’t muster up a decent rhythm section.

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