Paul Trombetta Feederbone



By Michael Ross

In the summer of 2011 I reviewed Paul Trombetta’s Tornita pedal for Premier Guitar. Trombetta built the fuzz to specs requested by sonic explorer David Torn. Based on Trombetta’s discontinued Donita pedal, it is a high gain, fuzz/distortion that can produce self-oscillating feedback.

I discovered Torn also used the Trombetta Mini-Bone fuzz. A quick check of the Paul Trombetta Design site revealed the Mini-Bone was another interesting unit. After sending the Tornita on to Torn at Trombetta’s request, I decided that I needed to have both. A chat with the pedal-meister led to the construction of my very own Feederbone: a Tornita and a Mini-Bone combined into one pedal.


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