Guitar Moderne Festival X

With all due respect to Martha and the Vandellas, “Summer’s here and the time is right for watching in your seat.” That’s right, sit in a nice air conditioned space or take your device out in the yard—no over priced food and drinks, no bathroom lines, great sound, and the best modern guitar from all over the world. Hell, at a “real” festival you would probably be watching the action on the jumbo screen anyway while you stood there sweating for hours.

I had the good fortune to see these two modern guitar giants play in this band live in a tiny San Francisco nightclub, back in the day.

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Introducing: Matt Garrison

A bass guitarist like Matt Garrison surely deserves a mention in Guitar Moderne. His use of effects for looping, reverse sounds, and ambience, along with his forward thinking music and embracing of noise place him squarely in same camp as the guitarists featured here.

The son of legendary jazz bassist Jimmy Garrison joins the son of the elder Garrison’s bandleader, John Coltrane, in current legend Jack DeJohnette’s band for a concert broadcast in Europe.