Act Now!: Slow Music

The premier outlet for adventurous music, Downtown Music Gallery, has a limited number of CDs by Slow Music, a supergroup comprising  Bill Rieflin (REM) keyboards & percussion; Robert Fripp guitar, guitar-like things, soundscapes; Peter Buck (REM) guitar and things; Matt Chamberlain drums and drum-like things; Fred Chalenor (Curlew) upright bass; and [the late] Hector Zazou keyboards and electronics. According to the DMG site, Slow Music was formed in 2005 as a way to create live  ambient/textural/environmental music in a live context.  Rieflin describes how, “openness and stillness become a part of the musical vocabulary, as well as density and activity. It can be both beautiful and surprisingly intense.  And, being improvisational in nature, you never know what will happen next, which makes it all the more exciting.”


West Coast denizens take heed: they are touring right now in your area so don’t miss them.