Foot-Free Pedalboard

Xact Tone Solutions in Nashville recently had an opportunity to build a rig for a client with special accessibility needs and the end result should be interesting to all. The client is a paraplegic, with limited to no use of his lower extremities, and thus cannot use a traditional pedalboard. However, after an extensive consultation and build process Xact Tone came up with a set of gear, including the Guitar Wing, that gives all the functionality of a typical board and much more.

Greg Walton of Xact Tone says, “He’s told us it’s really a game changer for him. He now has access to the tones and features he wants as a guitar player. We’re honored to have been a part of it. When it comes to gear, it is truly is a great time to be a guitar player. If there’s guitar player out there who is disabled and frustrated, we’d hope this would be an encouragement to them.”

Typical guitar players could also benefit from a rig like this, in that they would not be tied to the part of the stage where their pedalboard resides.