Eventide H9 SpaceTime and Routing

Things have been so busy I just got around to checking out the SpaceTime algorithm that showed up in my February H9 Max app update. In addition, since my H9 Max review I have had my main pedalboard rewired, replacing the Electro-Harmonix Ring Thing with the Maxed out H9. The H9 covers all the sounds the Ring Thing provided—octaves, “baritone,” “Leslie,” “12-string,” ring modulation, and, of course, the H9 does so much more. Consequently, now seemed like a good time for an update on this amazing pedal. Since Brett Kingman did such a good job of demoing the various SpaceTime presets, I offer his video, and then will discuss my experience with the new algorithm, as well as how the H9’s pre and post routing feature came in handy on my board.

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