Avi Bortnik’s Cool iPhone Apps

Not just a superb guitar player and mainstay of John Scofield’s Uberjam band, Avi Bortnik  is an app developer. His metronome app, Time Guru, is designed to improve your time by gradually removing the crutch of its own beats, while his delay app, Echo Pitch, offers some new twists on an old theme. Voxbeat allows you to create drum patterns using your voice and phone. Check them out. Sorry this took so long Avi.


Review: iConnectAUDIO4+

Apps are becoming a major part of music’s future. It started with iPhone and iPad app developers creating abbreviated versions of the same software musicians used on GM_Awardcomputers. Now developers find themselves converting some of the more creative,original apps into software for laptops and towers. Accessing the best of both worlds—powerful computer software and cutting edge apps—requires combining laptop and tablet into a seamless music production/performance rig. The iConnectAUDIO4+  has arrived just in time to facilitate this ambition 

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