FLUX:FX First Look

I have resisted getting an iPad because nothing intrigued me quite enough to warrant the cost—until now. As soon as I heard about FLUX:FX I began thinking about picking up yet another Apple device.

The app was jointly developed by Adrian Belew, engineer Daniel Rowland, mobile strategists MOBGEN and software developers, Elephantcandy—working together under the rubric NOIISE. It processes audio signals, but calling FLUX:FX a sound-processing app is like calling Adrian Belew a guitar player—superficially true, but far from the whole picture.

At the launch party for Belew’s FLUX (a separate music player app), Nick Mueller from Mobgen gave me a demo of this revolutionary new way to mangle guitar tones. I soon found myself at the Apple Store, buying an iPad and soon after installing FLUX:FX. A full review is down the line, but here are my quick first impressions.

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Stacking Source Audio Effects

I hope to get my hands on the Source Audio Soundblox Hub V.1 MIDI hub soon. In the meantime here is a great example of how you can currently chain their effects together for control with a single Hot Hand unit.


Hot Off The Presses: Hot Hand 3

The Hot Hand 3 Universal Wireless Effects Controller expands significantly on the breakthrough technology of the original Hot Hand, broadening its compatibility to include non-Source Audio pedals. A 3-axis accelerometer translates motion into a dynamic and precise expression signal, which can be applied to a range of effect parameters, including filter sweeps, drive levels, modulation, and wet/dry mixes. The lightweight and wireless ring is capable of transmitting over 100 feet and fits comfortably on the hand, foot, or instrument headstock.