Fuzz Fuzz Fuzz: The Third Ultimate Fuzz Roundup

I am aware that “ultimate” is like “unique.” Something either is or it isn’t in both cases, making “third ultimate” ridiculous. I just like having fun with the click bait concept. Also apologies to the manufacturers of the pedals for taking so long—life intervenes.

This roundup leans heavily on classic, less extreme fuzz, though with three octave fuzz boxes in the mix there are plenty of strange sounds available. This time we tackle two multi-sound EarthQuaker units, two Electro-Harmonix pedals, and one each from Crazy Tube Circuits, Keeley, Joe Gore, JHS, MXR, and Fender.

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Mini Fuzz Face

Unveiled at Winter NAMM 2013, these delicious morsels from Dunlop let you add the classic Fuzz Face sound to your pedalboard without displacing two or three other pedals. This video from designer Jeorge Tripps and Voodoo Labs VP/excellent guitarist James Santiago is not just a demonstration of the three fuzz flavors available in this configuration, but a terrific education in the difference between silicon and germanium fuzz tones.