Board To Death: Nels Cline

EarthQuaker Devices corralled Nels for their Board to Death series. He talks about and demonstrates his gear alternating between brilliant playing and hilarious commentary.


Senn By Eastwood Model One

When I posted about the Senn Model One guitar back in July, I said the only two things stopping me from getting one were the near three grand price tag and the lack of a vibrato arm. The gods listened. For a limited time Jeff Senn is offering, through the Eastwood Custom Shop, a version of the Model One for $679 USD—and it sports a Jazzmaster/Jaguar-style vibrato system! Gone are the Lollar/Senn pickups, but the basic vibe remains the same and it sounds great when Jeff plays it. Now I just have to get one in for review and possible possession. Yes, Senn’s playing, though terrific, is retro rather than modern, but the guitar’s look remains class A retro-moderne.



Spotlight: Anthony Pirog

When a guitarist incorporates American roots music, like blues and country, into an improvisational and/or jazz context, Bill Frisell is the elephant in the room. Anthony Pirog makes no bones about the fact that Frisell is a major influence, but deriving equal inspiration from the likes of Danny Gatton and Nels Cline has led Pirog to develop his own take on the music. After achieving some notoriety in the duo Janel and Anthony, Palo Colorado Dream, recorded with Michael Formanek on bass and Ches Smith) on drums marks Pirog’s debut as a solo artist. It also marks his entry into the growing pantheon of modern guitar heroes.

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