Spotlight: Atsuko Chiba

A Canadian experimental rock band with three count ’em three guitarists? —Perfect Guitar Moderne fodder I’d say. Based in Montreal, Quebec, Atsuko Chiba, formed in December 2012, consists of Karim Lakdhar (guitar, synths, and vocals), Kevin McDonald (guitar and synths), David Palumbo (bass and vocals), Anthony Piazza (drums, visuals) and Eric Schafhauser (guitar, synths). To date, they have released a live EP, Animalia: Several States of Being (2013), and a full-length album Jinn (2014). They are set to release their second album in spring 2015.

The band’s music features heavy effect processing and ambient electronics, within a melodic and rhythmic framework. “Cinematic” is a term often bandied about, especially with instrumental music, but theirs certainly deserves the description, with tunes comparable to everything from small indie films to Marvel superhero epics. Their live performances actually combine music and film to create immersive sensorial environments.

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