Another Retro/Future Beauty From Senn and Eastwood

Jeff Senn is releasing another of his retro/future designs through Eastwood Guitars. These are being manufactured in the same plant as Duesenberg and Reverend, and so are a bit more expensive than the Model One Also, unlike the Model One, Senn will not be offering a hand built version, so pre-ordering direct through Eastwood is the only way to get The Continental. This pearloid beauty is a limited release so, if it appeals, act now.


Guitar Moderne SNAMM 2016 Report

After the encouragingly enormous but exhausting winter NAMM, the relative Southern sleepiness of the summer edition was welcome. As usual, it was largely guitar oriented, tending towards traditional, with variations on of vintage guitars, amps, and effects in abundance. There were, however, a few examples of forward thinking.

The award for coolest gear at the show has to go to the Coppersound Telegraph Stutter. Perhaps modern only in a steampunk sense, it is still such a great idea sonically and aesthetically that it wins hands down. See the rest of the report for some of their other offbeat pedal concepts.

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Senn By Eastwood Model One

When I posted about the Senn Model One guitar back in July, I said the only two things stopping me from getting one were the near three grand price tag and the lack of a vibrato arm. The gods listened. For a limited time Jeff Senn is offering, through the Eastwood Custom Shop, a version of the Model One for $679 USD—and it sports a Jazzmaster/Jaguar-style vibrato system! Gone are the Lollar/Senn pickups, but the basic vibe remains the same and it sounds great when Jeff plays it. Now I just have to get one in for review and possible possession. Yes, Senn’s playing, though terrific, is retro rather than modern, but the guitar’s look remains class A retro-moderne.