Spotlight: Instant Takemitsu

Instant Takemitsu is a trio comprising two instrumentalists and a visuals artist. Electric lapsteel-dulcimer player and sampler extraordinaire J.A. Deane is a pioneer of modern music. In his work with Butch Morris, Jon Hassell, and others he has been a sonic adventurer for three decades. To Instant Takemitsu he brings his stylings on an electric version of the Chinese Gu Qin. Guitarist Tim Motzer has carved a prominent place in the Philadelphia music scene with ensembles and solo, ranging from straight-up funk to atmospheric dance accompaniment. The two instrumentalists have developed a unique synergy with visual projectionist Dejha Ti, one that I was privileged to witness at Roulette in Brooklyn, NY last March.
In our longest feature yet, Guitar Moderne is proud to present the story of these three distinctive artists and the project that unites them, complete with extensive gear descriptions, insights into music making, and thoughts on the artistic life.

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