David Torn with Don Cherry – Live at Empire Theatre, Paris 1979

For a brief time, David Torn was a sideman for the legendary musician Don Cherry. “Don was encouraging me to do things I’ve been doing anyway, saying, ‘This is your shit, you’re not really a guitar player, don’t worry about the guitar, just make these sounds, do whatever you need to do.’”  As this video shows, forty-five years ago he was already Torn.




André Cholmondeley: Modern Guitar Tech Extraordinaire

André Cholmondeley has worked with some of the premier modern guitarist legends: Adrian Belew, David Torn, Pat Metheny, to name a few. Here is are a couple of great Rig Rundowns featuring guitarists who have been pushing the technology envelope for a long time.

hnology for a long time. The Metheny rundown includes Cholmondeley talking about some of Pat’s history with technology.


Great Interview with Mike Baggetta

There is a new YouTube channel that combines van life and guitar called Guitar Magic, with John Hammond interviewing guitar related people. His interview with Mike Baggetta offers insightful questions and answers. And here is a link to my own interview with this master of modern guitar.


Vernon Reid Talks FutureFret ‘N’ Stuff

FutureFret: Episode One is the first event in what Vernon Reid and Chris Buono hope to be an ongoing series. The event is this Saturday, May 14th, 2022 and will include a collective of panel discussions, masterclasses and live performances centered around forward-thinking concepts for the modern guitarist. Here is my interview with Vernon about the idea, its possibilities and many other things. Below that is an introductory video and the details.

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