Dan Phelps On Desktop Looping

If you are like me, you could stare covetously at the beautiful Island Instruments 12-string he is playing for the whole 20 minutes. But while doing so, Phelps gives great insight into his process when making loops with his desktop system.


 Dan Phelps Talks About Vessel

Vessel is the latest recording by über-modern guitarist Dan Phelps. GM has spoken to Phelps in the past about his more group-oriented projects like Modular, Arc, and Spirits Drifted, but Vessel is representative of the guitarist as he more often appears live: alone on stage with guitar, effects, laptop, guitar amp, and full range speaker system. Recorded as one 45 minute take, it incorporates techniques Phelps has described in earlier interviews and in some newer videos included here.

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A Looping Lesson From Dan Phelps

I recently shared a bill here in Nashville with Dan Phelps and was intrigued by his looping setup. He gave me a quick tour after the gig but went into much more detail during his clinic at Full Sail in Florida. Looping fans will enjoy how the elegance of his simple approach permits a wide variety of sounds.