GarageTone Drivetrain

Bob Weil of Visual Sound originally designed the Drivetrain Overdrive in cooperation with Joe Naylor for Reverend Guitars back in 2000. I reviewed one of the original Reverends for Guitar One magazine and gigged around New York with it for a couple of years. It is up there among the best overdrives I have ever played. Truetone (formerly Visual Sound) repackaged and updated the Drivetrain II as part of the GarageTone series of pedals, with separate Bass and Treble controls. Unfortunately, too many guitarists follow fashion and hear with their eyes; they could not believe something that cost $59.95 could possibly sound great. Even more unfortunately, Weil & Co. are discontinuing this fantastic pedal. They have 16 left so I suggest you act fast, before they end up at $300 on eBay.