Auto-Tune For Guitar: the Antares ATG-1 Floor Processor

I have never considered Auto-Tune the Anti-Christ. It is a tool that can be used for good or evil. No one is going to stop talentless singers from singing, so if I have to listen I would prefer they are Auto-Tuned. I have used it in production as a money saver. Sure the singer or guitarist could redo those couple of notes, but with current record budgets, it is often cheaper and faster to put them into the realm of acceptability with Auto-Tune. I believe this leaves more time for creativity. No one is putting a gun to your head to make every note perfect.

Outside of the studio, this technology was originally applied to the guitar as part of the Peavey AT-200 guitar model. The guys at Guitar Player were blown away by how well it worked, but if you wanted it you had to buy that specific Peavey guitar. Now there is an ATG-1 Floor Processor offering the same technology to anyone owning an instrument with a synth ready hex pickup installed. With the ATG-1 Floor Processor, a push of a button will instantly tune your guitar with perfect intonation, while an interface allows you to access various guitar models, a virtual capo, individual string pitch shifting, etc. You can also create and store your own alternate tunings as part of a preset. Yeah, I know you can tune your own damn guitar, but the creative possibilities here seem extensive.

331628369 from Antares Autotuneforguitar on Vimeo.