Soundcloud Test

After numerous failed tries to post a new improvised track on Facebook, I am going to attempt to embed it here. Please fee free to comment on the music and/or on any problems and fixes you have encountered with Soundcloud and Facebook.

All sounds guitar generated, except the sample, which is from a radio station picked up by my Trombetta Feederbone when my guitar volume was al the off. Mmm…I guess you could call that guitar generated as well.


Guitar Moderne Festival XVIII

Apologies for the dearth of posts. I have people trying to migrate my site away from the awful Bluehost and it has been taking longer than expected. It is still not done but they have fixed the email and assure me I can post, so here is a Guitar Festival for those increasingly hot days when you don’t want to go outside.

Adrian Belew

Sidsel Endresen and Stian Westerhus live at the Torino Jazz Festival 2019

Fred Frith Quartet at the Festival Météo, Mulhouse, 2015

Nels Cline and Yuka C Honda collectively known as FIG performing “Purple & Red” at The Stone on Aug 26 2016