Roots Moderne: Daniel Lanois Rig

The fine folks at Premier Guitar got in early at City Winery in Nashville to interview sonic wizard Daniel Lanois and get the producer of Emmy Lou Harris, U2, Peter Gabriel, among others to reveals some of his tone secrets. Fortunately, this master class in doing the most with the least was caught on video. Lanois begins with his unique approach to pedal steel and guitar and later discusses his new live performance mixing setup.  I was lucky enough to witness this epic show, and later interview him for a piece to come in Guitar Player. I can testify that the producing legend is first and foremost a player—as geeky about gear as the rest of us. His genius is in managing to modernize the sound of guitar, while retaining its historical connection to family front porch picking parties.


4 thoughts on “Roots Moderne: Daniel Lanois Rig

  1. You are such a resource, michael. You give us Daniel Lanois sharing his setup for, well, quite a long time, and so very thoroughly. Thanks for this! Just shows what one can do working with old gear that one knows like the back of his hand. The latest bells and whistles are not necessary to make great music.

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