Guitar Moderne Record Picks XXVII

The late September and October releases are piling up so it became obvious that I needed to let you know about these already available recordings ASAP. Old friends Tim Motzer, Tim Olive, Elliott and Jake Vossler have been busy, along with some new faces as well.

PAKT PAKT (2CDs) PAKT and Live in Pawling (Digital only) [MoonJune Records]

Supergroups are rare in the world of modern guitar music but if any group qualified it would be this one. Guitarists Alex Skolnick and Tim Motzer are joined by legendary bassist Percy Jones and Kenny Grohowski on drums for 90 some odd minutes of group improvisation. The CDs were recorded at Shapeshifter performance space with no audience, and live record was from a gig on 7/22/21.

Tim Motzer Many Ways Around the Sun [Ropeadope]

Motzer has released a number of projects on his label in recent months. Of special notice is his record of songs featuring his excellent vocal stylings. Echoes of 60s psychedelia abound but thoroughly updated through his command of instruments and technology.

Banausoi  Imagines [Circum-Disc/13 raw]

These tracks—by young Czech musicians Petr Vrba, trumpet, clarinet, electronics; Václav Šafka, drums, percussions, objects; and Ondrej Zajac, guitar, voice—veer from more traditional free interplay to evocative atmospherics in a style all their own.

Tim Olive Spot of the Foul [845 Audio]

Here at GM, we have a pretty loose definition of guitar, which includes Kobe, Japan resident Tim Olive’s single-string tabletop instruments. He manipulates them with magnetic pickups, metal plates, springs, wire, tuning forks, electromagnets, bow, breath, dental floss, envelope generator, fuzz, spring reverb, and preamplifier to conjure a variety of very musical noise and notes.

Wenchi Lazo & Daniel Bruno Percebo [Bandcamp]

Guitarist Lazo and trombonist Bruno wrench a wide variety of emotive sounds from their respective instruments with minimal use of electronics. The interaction and production is top notch, while the tunes are concise, making this record of often noise based improvisation immensely listenable.

Jake Vossler & Dan Rosenboom Ceremony [89 Orenda Records]

Guitarist Vossler and trumpeter Rosenboom are back with an entirely live recording using just two microphones, no editing, and minimal mixing. The two of them manage to conjure the same energy and giant sound as the quartet featured below.

Elliott Sharp has two new releases:

Charles K. Noyes & Elliott Sharp Besotted [Zoar Records]

Features Sharp on his invented instruments—arches h-line, violinoid, triple-course bass pantar, plus analog synthesizers, mandocello, and soprano sax with the guitar sounds coming from Noyes. Recorded by each separately it comes together into a roiling, aggressive whole that echoes the anger and frustration of our times.

Morrisharp Duality [Zoar Records]

morrisharp brings together poet/singer Tracie Morris and Sharp for some original songs and some unique interpretations (“On Broadway,” “Spoonful”). Together they create a  music steeped in traditional blues and gospel but comfortable with free jazz, sound poetry, and the avant-garde as well.

Record Picks is a periodic offering from Guitar Moderne: a listing of recordings brought to my attention that I feel are worthy of being brought to yours. These are not reviews. Feel free to submit recordings, but they must be purchasable worldwide, reflective of modern guitar (subjective to be sure, but no blues, classic rock, be-bop, country, etc.) and on a par with the ones above to rate a mention. Many of these are available from DMG in NYC. If you have already sent me a recording, please feel free to remind me.



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