Guitar Moderne Record Picks IV

This is a long one because I have fallen behind in telling you about all the great new releases. Record Picks is a periodic offering from Guitar Moderne: a listing of recordings brought to my attention that I feel are momentous enough to bring to yours. These are not reviews. Feel free to submit recordings (downloads preferred), but they must be purchasable worldwide, reflective of modern guitar (subjective, but no blues, classic rock, be-bop, country, etc.—all well covered elsewhere) and on a par with the ones below to rate a mention. Many of these are available from DMG in NYC. If you have sent me a recording, feel free to remind me.

Two new ones feature guitarist Nick Millevoi.

Many Arms & Toshimaru Nakamura Many Arms & Toshimaru Nakamura [Public Eyesore] Tokyo no-input mixing board artist Toshimaru Nakamura joins Many Arms, the Philadelphia and New York-based trio of guitarist Nick Millevoi, bassist Johnny DeBlase, and drummer Ricardo Lagomasino for four rampaging meditations on the many musical textures of noise.

Form And Mess Form And Mess [Sick Room Records] Millevoi is involved in another release with Kevin Shea and George Draguns in a freewheeling modern power trio that encompasses math rock, free (and not-free) jazz, noise, Avant-guard, metal, experimental, etc.

Charlie Rauh Innocent Speller [Composers Concordance Records] As I described in my Spotlight on Charlie: “Much modern guitar focuses on atonality and noise. More rare is the forward thinking guitarist whose approach leans towards the seductive rather than the assaultive. Though fully capable of aggressive sonic forays, Charlie Rauh’s music lives largely in a contemplative realm. Echoes of Frisell-ian pastoralism can be heard, but Rauh resembles him only in a similar rootedness and a focus on beautiful tone—he is his own man.”! Now you can own his debut EP.

Percy Nils Adler/Blair Yarranton Sketchy Behavior Percy Nils Adler, guitar/toolbox joins Blair Yarranton, trumpet/flugelhorn/devices for a surprisingly full sounding duo record of distinctive, edgy tunes, beautifully recorded. Check out Adler’s rig here.

Two  releases featuring David Kollar.

KoMaRa KoMaRa [Hevhetia] Kollar’s collaboration with Pat Mastelotto of King Crimson and trumpeter Palo Raineri continues along paths paved by Crimson and Nils Petter Molvær, while adding

new twists.

The Blessed Beat MiV [Hevhetia] Kollar and Raineri return for The Blessed Beat with Simone Cavina replacing Mastelotto on drums, electronics. What a difference a drummer makes. Not better or worse—just different. Cavina’s drumming is more freeform, less groove oriented than Mastelotto’s. The two records make great companion pieces.

Bill Horist Mutei – Music for Davida Monk’s Dream Pavilion [Important 427; USA] Bill Horist: electric guitars, đàn nguyệt (Vietnamese moon lute), bass, percussion, objects, electronics; Davida Monk: choreography; Helen Husak: dancer; Walter Kubanek: dancer.

Since the mid-’90s, Seattle-based guitarist Bill Horist’s  latest is presents music composed and improvised by Horist for Calgary, Alberta-based choreographer Davida Monk’s 2013 dance work, Dream Pavilion. The original score was composed for live performance, but Horist recorded a version with Scott Colburn and augmented the work with conventional guitar, bass, and other electronics.

White Out (Lin Culbertson/Tom Surgal]) with Nels Cline – Accidental Sky [Northern Spy 066; USA] New York radical innovators White Out and transplanted Los Angeles legend Nels Cline share a long musical history, having played together for over a 15-year period.

Raoul Bjorkenheim EcstasyOut of the Blue [Cuneiform 413] The second release by one of the guitarists who sent me down this path. To quote myself: “I…was stunned by his Hendrix meets late era Coltrane approach.” – Guitar Moderne Bjorkenheim once again delivers a modern approach with classic tone.

Adam Rudolph / Go Organic Orchestra With Nels Cline/Rez Abbazi/Liberty Ellman/David Gilmore/Miles Okazaki/ Et Al – Turning Towards The Light. [Cuneiform 406] The lineup speaks for itself, but let me say that composer Rudolph deserves kudos for keeping things coherent and musical.

Sonar- Black Light [Cuneiform 414] Read about them here But basically the guitarists tune their guitars to tritones (C F# C F# C F#) and concentrate on the harmonics of that tuning. Like nothing you have heard.

Noel Akchote, Richard Bonnet, Guillermo Bazzola, David Paredes -SKIES, guitar tribute for Ornette music  [Alina Records] Four masters of modern guitar play Ornette Coleman compositions. ‘Nuff said.


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  1. Thank you Michael for including our Sketchy Behaviour in your list of music offerings. Many great artists here. You certainly are helping folks such as ourselves feel that at least someone is listening. Your magazine is a terrific resource, especially for us who live in the remote wilderness with only the sounds of howling wolves and whispering winds and the occasional guitarist making another late night musical offering to the canopy of stars overhead … cough.

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