Dirty Projectors: Progressive Pop Guitar

I don’t usually write about pop albums, mostly because I don’t listen to much pop music and so am unaware of any modern use of guitar. I am sure there is, and if there is something I should hear please write to me. The New Dirty Projectors record, titled, er, Dirty Projectors, is one of those releases I couldn’t avoid, what with multiple features on David Longstreth (now the entirety of Dirty Projectors membership) in the New York Times. I have been peripherally aware of the band, but this is the first record I checked out extensively. I found some of the most interesting guitar sounds on a pop record since David Sylvian’s own playing, and use of Derek Bailey, on Blemish.


2 thoughts on “Dirty Projectors: Progressive Pop Guitar

  1. Ok, that was not what I expected. I’m home in bed with the flu. If I wasn’t sick I’m pretty sure I would have got up and turned that off. Open minded is easy to say, you know what I mean.
    So I lay here and wonder when it will be over. But then I kinda like the hifi/lofi sound of the drums, and hell- I can’t sing that nice (got a fever, you understand) and they’re talking about my old stomping grounds, which made me feel strangly nostalgic.
    That’s when they played that beautiful and childhood sweet expression on the guit-thang.
    Is that pop? Well then, maybe there’s hope.
    Thank you.

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