Big Walnuts Yonder

When I interviewed Nick Reinhart in 2015, he was thinking that his collaboration with Nels Cline, Mike Watt, and Greg Saunier would be out shortly. Over two and a half years later we are finally able to buy the modern guitar superstar extravaganza that is Big Walnuts Yonder. Nick and Mike Watt talk about the process and delay here. Nick has been called “Nels Cline’s younger punk rock brother,” and they work together here like musical brothers of different mothers. A must have for their interaction on Cline’s “Flare Star Phantom” alone.


4 thoughts on “Big Walnuts Yonder

  1. I’m glad you flagged this release – I’ve been listening and it’s a great album. The guitar playing is tremendous and the rhythmic authority all these guys bring – while using all those pedals! – is something to behold.

  2. Very good stuff. It’s great to hear this and to see Mike Watt in the zone. He has been making uncompromising music since him and D Boon and George Hurley started the Minuteman back in the day. I’ve had my copy of Double Nickels tucked in next to Varese, Miles, Jerry Garcia and Eno. I thought maybe I was the only one who could make the connection, but once again Guitar Moderne plugs in the eclectic guitar!

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