Spotlight: David Tronzo

When I moved back to New York City from San Francisco in the late 90s, David Tronzo was playing often and, more likely than not, I was there. I watched with my jaw dropped as he played blistering, jazz-inflected lines on his vintage Silvertone—with a slide! Check out some of the videos here; it has to be seen to be believed. Then watch my interview with him where he explains his tuning, odd choices for slides, and how the end of The Marshall Plan has affected touring opportunities in Europe for American acts, and much more.

Check out this whole series of solo performances at the Ibeam


7 thoughts on “Spotlight: David Tronzo

  1. I’d give our president’s covid treatment to hear Tronzo with Miles. Listen to Bitches Brew & tell me he wouldn’t be a perfect fit.

  2. Thanks so much for this! I’ve heard of David Tronzo but never focused in on him, and this is all revelatory (I’m still making my way through the interview). What a phenomenal sound and approach.

    One minor thing: in the description, I think you mean Marshall Plan, not Monroe Doctrine (which dates from 1823), but maybe I just haven’t gotten to that part of the interview yet.

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