André Cholmondeley: Modern Guitar Tech Extraordinaire

André Cholmondeley has worked with some of the premier modern guitarist legends: Adrian Belew, David Torn, Pat Metheny, to name a few. Here is are a couple of great Rig Rundowns featuring guitarists who have been pushing the technology envelope for a long time.

hnology for a long time. The Metheny rundown includes Cholmondeley talking about some of Pat’s history with technology.


4 thoughts on “André Cholmondeley: Modern Guitar Tech Extraordinaire

  1. Wow, thank you Michael what an honor to be mentioned by you… and just humbled still as I work with these people I grew up listening to !!!! learning learning learning. Somehow reading all those nerdy, electronic musician and midi guitar magazines in 1985 turned out to be worth it hahaha! Hope to see you in 24 my friend. Thank you, again.

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