12 thoughts on “Prepared Guitar with Duane Denison

  1. Fascinating! So many great sounds still to be discovered on the guitar. Thanks for sharing this – and all of the other fantastic musicians and gear that you post. This site is easily the best source on the internet for adventurous guitarists.

    [Since someone else already mentioned it, prepared instruments began a bit earlier than Cage. In the 1920s a few composers were directing pianists to insert things into the strings, or reach in and play them by hand e.g. Villa-Lobos (Spain), Maurice Delage (France), Cowell (US) – often trying to replicate the sounds of instruments from other newly discovered (at the time) cultures. More of it I say!]

  2. Very Nice! I like the techniques and will have to try them out. Other prepared guitarists to listen to are Keith Rowe from AMM and Fred Frith. The sounds they produce out of the guitar are, at times, amazing.

  3. Back in the 30´ties 😉 (Cage prepared piano – possibly even earlier -getting the idea that is) But apart from that; nice. The “Snare” is a neat sonic twist.

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