Early Adrian Belew Instructional Video

I was thrilled to be Creative Consultant on this video. Paul and Rob from DCI were drummers and weren’t sure what to ask him to demonstrate. When he says, “I was told to tell you that I use the compressor on all the time,” I was the one that requested he say that, as I felt it was a big part of the way he was able to get controllable feedback.¬†Adrian had a bad cold that day from being immersed in a tank of cold water for a previous video shoot. .


4 thoughts on “Early Adrian Belew Instructional Video

  1. I had actually just stumbled on and watched that last week. For the back-to-the-future update, there’s also some more recent videos with Belew and a moderator in front of an audience under the title “The History & Future of Guitar Noise”–I’ve been trying to find the time to watch those.

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