The Return of the Gittler

In the 1970’s, musician and pioneer Allan Gittler came up with a guitar like none had ever seen. With only 60 models released in the 1980’s, the guitar has become a legend of sorts in the forward thinking guitar and design world.

He aimed to dispel common misconceptions embraced by guitar players.  Methodically stripping away all he considered unnecessary and  redundant, Gittler pared the instrument down to its most essential elements.

Featured in the New York Museum of Modern Art and Boston Fine Arts Museum, the instrument consists of 31 frets, in a striking minimalist design incorporating rounded cylindrical and ergonomic features.

The new, improved Gittler guitar is made of aircraft grade Titanium and boasts features that were either unavailable or unrealized up until now, including:

Abrasion resistant Titanium construction

Active electronics and tone shaping controls

LED fret marker lighting

Hexaphonic output capability

Patented locking string mechanism

Adjustable bridge

Locking strap anchor points and adjustable bout

Interchangeable acrylic neck profiles

Deluxe version with black chrome DLC™ coating

Stay tuned fro the post NAMM report.


3 thoughts on “The Return of the Gittler

  1. That’s very elegant, radical and quite beautiful: it has entirely its own aesthetic. I’d be interested to see/hear someone playing one. I still love — indeed prefer — the craftmanship of more traditional luthiers, though!

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