Synth Guitar’s True Potential

As Joe Gore says here, his last demo was more about imitating other instruments with the new Fishman TriplePlay synth guitar system. Here he shows some of the potential for creating otherworldly sounds using this new wireless MIDI controller for guitar.


2 thoughts on “Synth Guitar’s True Potential

  1. I would join the “flat wound club”. I don’t use them much antmore but I always used to love them. They last forever. I specifically used them on guitars that I used with a synth pick-ups because of the reason that you stated: using flat wounds significantly reduces roundwound buzz and fret noise which really does help in the guitar to synth conversion world.

    Side note: I also play Bass guitar and string all of my Basses with flat wound strings for the same reason. Please consider me as an official member of “the flat wound club”.

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