Source Audio Releases The Atlas Compressor

When I was checking out Source Audio’s Ultra Wave distortion pedal, I found the compression options available with the Neuro Editor alone made it worth the price. That flexibility is built into the company’s new Atlas Compressor.

Compression can be a complicated, confusing effect, and plugging the Atlas into its Neuro Editor can be daunting, but just fiddling with the options reveals many of the sonic secrets professional users of compression have known for years. Most modern guitarists know how compression brings heavily reverbed and delayed volume swells alive. Check out these videos for more elucidation about this essential effect.


2 thoughts on “Source Audio Releases The Atlas Compressor

  1. I wonder how it compares to Crazy Tube Circuits Golden Ratio Phi V2 (if you don’t count all that Neuro stuff, just as a comp for both live & studio work).. Anyone with experience of both?

    • I reviewed the Golden Ratio for Guitar Player and it is a great, versatile compressor. If you don’t want to deal with the editing, it might be for you. On the other hand, the Atlas offers many advanced customization options and effects that the Golden Ratio doesn’t – they both sound great.

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