Pedals and Effects: Top Ten Pedals of 2019

NAMM 2020 is next week. I will try and get my report up sooner this year. If you are looking for a distillation of some of the most interesting gear for the modern guitarist to come out of 2019, this is a good place to start. Nick Reinhart, and Juan Alderete always have their fingers on the pulse of what is forward thinking  and cool.


3 thoughts on “Pedals and Effects: Top Ten Pedals of 2019

  1. If you haven’t seen, Juan was just in a terrible bicycle accident a couple of weeks ago, right after this was posted. He suffered a traumatic brain injury (even though he was wearing a helmet and protective clothing). He has a long road to recovery. His wife is posting about it on Instagram. There is a GoFundMe page she has set up and they will need every penny they can get.

  2. I have the Mood and truly find it equally inspiring/mystifying. I don’t think Nick and Juan reviewed it but the Old Blood Noise Minim is a really cool pedal that is kind of like a more useable/interesting Rever. I would add that to a 2019 best of list. The Rever was also cool. Old Blood is doing great things these days.

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