Noveller’s Mini Rig

Touring is getting tougher and more expensive, so Sarah Lipstate A/K/A Noveller pulled a “Honey I Shrunk The Pedal Board” for her European tour. She was kind enough to steal a moment from packing to give us the rundown.  You can read about her original sized rig and see a video of it here. If you are anywhere near these shows, you can hear her make uniquely beautiful music with her new pedals.

noveller board

“Here’s a photo of my super efficient travel setup. Everything fits on a Pedaltrain Jr. board.  In order to get such a small footprint, I swapped out a lot of pedals I typically use for micro effects. I switched out my Zvex Fuzz Factory for the tiny Fuzzolo. I’m also using two Henretta Engineering pedals for boost and fuzz which are the smallest pedals I’ve ever seen. The Earthquaker Devices Dispatch Master pedal is a combination delay/reverb that supplements my main delay/reverb pedal, the Eventide H9. I LOVE the H9 because it gives me access to every preset that Eventide has ever made, doubles as a tuner, and because it’s a wonderful beast of a pedal in a tiny package.

Here’s my signal chain:

Henretta Engineering Mr. White boost->   Henretta Engineering Bluebird fuzz->  Zvex Fuzzolo->   Ernie Ball Volume Jr.->  Boss PS-5 Supershifter-> Earthquaker Devices Dispatch Master delay/reverb-> Eventide H9-> Boomerang III Phrase Sampler looper



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  1. Hello! Really nice rig! I have to think about my 26 kg equipment..Even I like it so much….its too heavy all together…


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