Noveller On The Road

Sarah Lipstate A/K/A Noveller is sharing her experiences touring as the opening act for St Vincent. She was kind enough to expand a little on her setup to Guitar Moderne.

“On my newest album No Dreams, I incorporated synth textures for the first time in my work as Noveller,” she explains. “I’d been working a lot with synth and other midi sound libraries for my film score work and felt inspired to try supplementing my guitar sound with tasteful synth tracks. ¬†When I started figuring out live versions of the new songs, I discovered that my iPad (coupled with the Alesis iPad dock/interface) would allow me to trigger the synth sounds using a footswitch. I use an app called BeatMaker 2 which is footswitch compatible and allows you to import high quality audio samples for playback. It’s worked great until the first show of this tour with St. Vincent. I freed up some of the memory on my iPad and that has seemed to fix the problem. Fingers crossed that it continues to work!”


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