Nick Reinhart: Willie Wonka of Guitar

If there is a young guitarist you captures the Guitar Moderne ethos perfectly it is Nick Reinhart. In his work with Tera Melos and with Nels Cline in Big Walnuts Yonder he exhibits a spirit of musical experimentation and pushes the guitar’s sonic potential as far as it will go, with virtuosic technique and wry humor. Premier Guitar caught up with him when he came through Nashville and did an extensive rig rundown, revealing his fan bestowed nickname (no pun intended). Reinhart also reveals one of his sonic secrets. Spoiler alert: Superglue.


7 thoughts on “Nick Reinhart: Willie Wonka of Guitar

  1. I love how Chris Keys, the interviewer, just bursts out laughing a couple times during the interview because of Nick’s sounds and playing. Nick has fun and doesn’t take himself too seriously. Chris had fun doing this, too, as an added bonus. This was really fun to watch.

  2. Thank you for the link, and keep me there” your site…lemmee know how to be a supporter, I forward your site to every player I know…this is the most incredible international link I n the biz, ever…I once co owned RADIO TOKYO , VENICE CA….you would have loved it…My partner, ETHAN JAMES…gone but not forgotten, put me in the indie game..before MTV, and SONY. Grabbed the spotlight, poof, it is nice to be untied from corporate, and thanx to all the search engines who make us ll possible again…HAPPY NEW YEAR

  3. You have no idea how much I really really REALLY appreciate this labour of love from you guys.
    Yes, I had the flexidiscs from Guitar Player of such luminations as Hans Reichel( Oh Lordy, we miss Hans-The joy of hope, unknown),Steve Via: yes- The ATTITUDE song!
    Lovely David T,who couldn’t love Mr T an his fuzzonic clouds of verbination.
    Your zine is a missal of optimism in a bleak netiverse..
    It’s like the saltiest ice creamfilled with Orbies.And it can only be worn as a hat!

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