New Advertiser: Molten Voltage

Guitar Moderne would like to welcome a new advertiser: Molten Voltage. They make all those things you wish someone would make:  Analog delay control station, featuring MIDI Clock Synchronization, Modulation, and 128 program storage to control modified MXR Carbon Copy and Malekko Ekko 616 delays? Check.  A programmable stompbox that offers five new ways to control the Digitech Whammy? Check. Want more control over your Strymon TimeLine Looper? Check out their OZ. It controls hidden features like Reverse, Half-Speed / Double-Speed, Undo, Redo, and more.

Check out Molten Voltage by clicking on their ad to the right. If you are seeing “Your Ad Here,” just refresh the page until their ad comes up. In case you are wondering what SIMI is, here’s a video.


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