NAMM Preview: Vox Starstream Type 1

This year’s winter NAMM is shaping up to be a great one for modern guitarists. Dozens of avant pedals are in the offing and here is a sneak peak at a guitar that could be essential. No price yet and Not Available Maybe May (you know that’s what NAMM stands for right?).


6 thoughts on “NAMM Preview: Vox Starstream Type 1

  1. Oh I SEE now… But it’s not a string sustainer that vibrates the string, it’s a sustainer like the “hold’ feature on a VG-99 which loops a small segment of the sound. That’s cool. This is also one of my favorite features of the VG-99 (the implementation is really quite lovely sounding on the VG-99). There are some variations of this technique that I’m working on for the H8000 right now where I can sustain any one string, or all strings. The final implementation of it will allow you to pluck any string and have that pitch sustained until you play a new pitch on that string, at which time the new pitch will take over and sustain. The idea is to be able to build up sustained chords by playing notes anywhere on the neck.
    I’m not “poo-pooing” this instrument at ALL. Excited. Rather I’m commenting on the idea that the entire “innovative guitar” market struggles from having to work with products which are designed to emulate older technologies. Then again – this may just be the way that evolution happens….right? pushed forward and pulled backward by the same forces.

  2. It does look to be a good year for adventurous guitarists at NAMM.
    This particular instrument looks fairly squarely focused at folks who want to emulate older/existing guitar sounds, which i find to be a frustrating but nearly unavoidable reality in the world of the electric guitar.

    I’m kinda interested in the “virtual Jeff” myself… Yet even it is a little retro

      • I did watch the video… somehow I missed the sustainer? Monophonic like a sustainiac I assume but I’ll look again because…I missed it.
        Are you headed to Anaheim next week? If so, you should come meet up with Steve and me from the V-Guitar Forum

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