NAMM 2018 Preview: EHX 95000 Looper

If the new EHX 95000 looper is any indication, NAMM 2018 should debut some interesting products for the modern guitarist.

The 95000 Performance Loop Laboratory is the company’s most advanced looper to date. It features six mono tracks and one stereo mixdown track per loop. It will record up to 375 minutes and 100 loops with an included 16GB Micro SD card.

The new 95000 is housed in a rugged, aluminum, all metal chassis with a control layout that has been optimized for use as both a tabletop and foot-pedal unit.

It offers two audio inputs, each capable of handling a microphone (phantom power is included), instrument or unbalanced line input, Left/right outputs, Monitor and Headphone Outs.


-Import / export .WAV files to MAC or PC via the built-in USB port

-TAP Button allows you to set loop BPM

-Quantize or non-quantize (free running) recording modes

-Speed adjust over a 2-octave range

-Overdub or punch in / out recording

-Reverse playback and recording

-Loop progress may be displayed in Bar/Beat format

-Expression pedal control over loop volume

-Left/right outputs, Monitor Out, Headphone Output

-EHX 9.6DC-200 PSU included

-Dimensions in inches: 12.6 (w) x 5.9 (l) x 2.6 (h)

-Dimensions in mm: 320 (w) x 150 (l) x 65 (h)



4 thoughts on “NAMM 2018 Preview: EHX 95000 Looper

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  2. I agree with you Chris, as impressive as this looks, I keep waiting for the kind of power The EDP with loop IV, Looperlative, or modern platforms like Mobius have, Really smart use of functions like multiply, undo and replace, and the more adventurous functions like quantize replace and substitute that allow for the creation of really cool note sequence stuff , as well as ways to automate record and copy commands when switching tracks or loops, and create more advance combination function scripts. This looks like a glorified multi-track live recorder, albeit a really powerful one , that doesn’t really raise the bar or offer anything really different. The Hexe Revolver and the Montreal Assembly Count to 5 are the only modern loop pedals offering anything unique, and neither are really trying to appeal to the typical singer songwriter. I think the world is ready for a looper that can satisfy both experimental and and mainstream artists alike. Somebody needs to hire Matthias Grob to design an EDP+ pedal with all its quirky goodness, make it stereo , make it long and skinny with a low profile with lots of switches, and stereo ins and out mounted on the side so it can be placed in front of your average pedal board, just saying…….

    • Hey Michael, hope you are recovered from NAMM, My friend just got his hands on a NAMM demo EHX 95000, he’s the most tech savvy guy I know and helped me find my way around Mobius, he says its really cool, very well thought out with an excellent work flow. I’m hoping to get some hands on with it this coming week. Perhaps not all of the parlor tricks and crazy glitch capability Mobius and the original EDP afford, but by creating a more compositionally friendly work flow, coupled with multi-track capability like the the EHX 95000 can, is a step in the right direction, and perhaps a new standard in pedal loopers

  3. I want to like it, but I keep going back to Torn’s open letter to looping device makers on TGP where he called them out. It’s the same shit with the same features. Nothing “new” has come to market and it’s just wrong. Bring back the features of the EDP+ in a smaller, floor-based unit. Then we can start getting excited.

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