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Instead of four boring “Your Ad Here” banners on the side, I decided to replace three of them with ads for my books.

Getting Great Guitar Sounds has been in print for 30 years and is still relevant. I carefully stuck to basic principals rather than specific products so the info is not dated. Covers everything from the guitar to the amp and beyond.


All About Effects contains a CD with examples of all the sounds discussed. It is perfect for beginners and more advanced players who are still unsure what a compressor does.


Great Guitar Tone with IK Multimedia Amplitube: The Official Guide covers some of the same ground as the two above, but if you own Amplitube (a great program) it allows you to test out all the concepts easily. Even if you don’t own that particular program, you can get alot out of it by applying the ideas to your gear.


Just click on the ad for links to Amazon. End of promotion—you may know return to your regular scheduled post reading. Thanks.


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